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Are You Ready For Some...Car Show?????

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Lucketts 2009
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An Auto Show for the Whole Family


  Lucketts Car Show 

Each year, the Lucketts show continues to be successful beyond our dreams.  This past year the field was full of top quality antique cars - vendors sold a variety of goods and tasty food and the corral had some top notch cars for sale.
Both fields, the Green Field and Brown Field, had a wide selection of cars from all the major manufacturers and outfitted from strickly stock to bona fide hot rods.  


Come, join us in

Continuing the Celebration of America's Love Affair with the Automobile

Each year in late September


    An Auto Showof cars, trucks and other vehicles 25 or more years old.
    A Flea Market selling car parts, crafts and other stuff of interest to us all. 
    A Car Corral selling cars of any age.
    Bluegrass musicin the pavilion.
    The Bulletin Board where car for sale notices, other shows, parts needed or for sale and anything else of interest to the motoring world can be posted. 
    A Reading and Reference Material Exchange Tablewhere magazines, books, catalogs and other material can be exchanged.  Bring already read material, put it on the table and take what interests you.
    And lots more....
Interested in helping put the show on?

We are looking for a few good men and women to help put this car show on.  Volunteers are needed in all areas, so anything you might like to do from putting up posters and passing out fliers to helping with the organization on the day of the show would be most appreciated.  Email me, Don Kidwell, at info@lucketts.organd let's talk.

Want to show your car?

Email me at or via phone at the Community  Center and we will see that you (and your car) are registered for the show. 

Take a kid Text 

 Take a kid to a car show
Life is full of choices for kids.  Show them where the good things in life are.

Typical Schedule of Events

7:30am:  Field opens for show cars, corral and flea market
10:00am:  Lucketts 2003 opens to the public
12:00am:  Bluegrass music

2:00 pm:  Voting ends

3:00pm:  Award Presentation

4:00pm   Lucketts closes, and the next Lucketts show begins

Public parking:  As details of the new parking and entrance scheme are worked out, they will be posted here.

      Come visit the past and bring the kids... 

There will be something for everyone.

General admission - $5, including parking. Seniors - $3 and  Kids under 12  - Free. 
 For further information, please call the Historic Lucketts Community Center at (703)771-5281.